What was the wisdom and purpose of the Miraj (Ascension)?

What was the wisdom and purpose of the Miraj (Ascension)?

The wisdom of the Miraj (Ascension) is so exalted that human thought cannot comprehend it.
It is so profound that human thought cannot reach it, and so subtle and fine that the intellect
cannot see it by itself. But even if the reality of the instances of wisdom in the Miraj cannot be
comprehended, their existence may be made known through certain indications. For example, as

In order to demonstrate the light of His unity and the manifestation of His oneness in these
levels of multiplicity, the Creator of the universe chose an eminent individual to represent all
creatures, and took him by means of a Miraj that was like a link from the furthest levels of
multiplicity to the source of unity. There, addressing him as representing all conscious beings, He
explained to him the Divine purposes and made them known through him, and observed through
his gaze the beauty of His art and perfection of His dominicality in the mirrors of His creatures,
and caused him to observe them.

Moreover, according to the testimony of His works, the Maker of the world possesses infinite
beauty and perfection. The two of them, both beauty and perfection, are loved for themselves.
Since this is so, the Possessor of that beauty and perfection has an infinite love for them, and His
infinite love is manifested in many different ways in His works of art. He loves His works of art
because He sees His beauty and perfection within them.

The most lovable and elevated among the works of art are animate beings. The most lovable
and elevated among animate beings are conscious beings. And by reason of their
comprehensiveness, the most lovable among conscious beings are to be found among human
beings. The most lovable individual among human beings is the one who has most fully developed
his potentiality and displayed the samples within it of the perfections manifested in all creatures
and spread among them.

Thus, in order to see at one point and in one mirror all the varieties of His love spread through
all creatures and to display, through the mystery of His oneness, all the varieties of His beauty,
the Maker of beings will take a person who is at the degree of being a luminous fruit of the tree of
creation and whose heart is like a seed containing the essential truths of that tree, and will
demonstrate the belovedness of that individual, who represents the universe, through an
Ascension ( Miraj ) that is like a thread linking the seed, which is the origin, with the fruit, which
is the end. He will draw him to His presence and honour him with the beauty of the vision of
Himself. And, in order to cause him to spread that sacred state to others, He will favour him with
His Word and entrust him with His Decree.

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