What does Salah (Prayer) Stand For?

What does Salah (Prayer) Stand For?

Prayer (Salah) stands for praising, glorifying, and thanking Allah Almighty. We glorify Him by saying Subhanallah (All-Glorified is Allah) by word and action in awareness of His Majesty. We exalt and magnify Him by saying Allahu Akbar (Allah is the All-Great) through word and action in awareness of His Perfection. We offer thanks to Him by saying Al-hamdu lillah (All praise and gratitude are for Allah) with our heart, tongue, and body, in awareness of His Grace. That is to say, the heart of prayer (salah) consists of glorification, exaltation, praise, and thanksgiving. Thus, these three seeds are present in all words and actions that constitute Prayer(Salah). Further, following each prayer (salah), they are repeated 33 times each to confirm and complete the prayer’s (salah) objectives. The meaning of prayer (salah) is pronounced consecutively with these concise utterances.

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