The Most Fortunate Man

The Most Fortunate Man

Since this world is transitory,
and since life is short,
and since the truly essential duties are many,
and since eternal life will be gained here,
and since the world is not without an owner,
and since this guest-house of the world has a most Wise and Generous director,
and since neither good nor bad will remain without recompense,
and since according to the verse,
”On no soul does Allah place a burden greater than it can bear”
there is no obligation that cannot be borne,
and since a safe way is preferable to a harmful way,
and since worldly friends and ranks last only till the door of the grave,
then surely the most fortunate is he who does not forget the hereafter for this world,
and does not sacrifice the hereafter for this world,
and does not destroy the life of the hereafter for worldly life,
and does not waste his life on trivial things, but considers himself to be a guest and acts in accordance with the commands of the guest-house’s Owner, then opens the door of the grave in confidence and enters upon eternal happiness..
Guide for Youth, Risale-i Nur Collection

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