Remembrance, Thanks and Reflection

Remembrance, Thanks and Reflection

Question: We give a price to people, who are like tray-bearers. So what price does Allah want, Who is the true owner?

The Answer: Yes, the price the True Bestower of Bounties wants in return for those valuable bounties and goods is three things:

  • one is remembrance
  •  one is thanks, and
  • one is reflection.

Saying, “In the Name of Allah” at the start is remembrance

and, “All praise be to Allah” at the end is thanks.

And perceiving and thinking of those bounties, which are valuable wonders of art, being miracles of power of the Unique and Eternally Besought One and gifts of His mercy, is reflection.

However foolish it is to kiss the foot of a lowly man who conveys to you the valuable gift of a king and not to recognize the gift’s owner, to praise and love the apparent source of bounties and forget the True Bestower of Bounties is a thousand times more foolish.

              O my soul! If you do not wish to be foolish in that way, give in Allah’s name, take in Allah’s name, begin in Allah’s name, and act in Allah’s name.Source: 1st Word, Words

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