Is Jesus (Upon Whom Be Peace) Alive?

Is Jesus (Upon Whom Be Peace) Alive?

There are five levels of life:

The First Level of Life is that of our life, which is very restricted.

The Second Level of Life is that of Khidr and Ilyas (May Allah grant them peace), which is free to an extent. That is to say, they can be present
in numerous places at the same time. They are not permanently restricted by the requirements of humanity like we are. They can eat and drink like us when they want to, but are not compelled to like we are. Saints who attain to direct vision and knowledge of reality have reported virtually unanimously their adventures with Khidr and these elucidate and prove this level of life. One of the degrees of sainthood, even, is called the degree of Khidr. A saint who reaches it receives instruction from Khidr and meets with him. But it sometimes happens that such a person is mistakenly thought to be Khidr himself.

The Third Level of Life is that of Idris and Jesus (May Allah grant them peace), which is removed from the requirements of humanity, and is an angelic level of life and acquires a luminous fineness. Quite simply, Idris and Jesus are present in the heavens with their earthly bodies, which have the subtlety of bodies from the World of Similitudes and the luminosity of astral bodies. There is a Hadith that states that at the end of time, Jesus (Upon whom be peace) will come and will act in accordance with the Shari‘a of Muhammad (UWBP). This indicates that at the end times the religion of Christianity will be purified and divest itself of superstition in the face of the current of unbelief and atheism born of naturalist philosophy, and will be transformed into Islam. At that point, on the one hand the collective personality of Christianity will kill the fearsome collective personality of irreligion with the sword of heavenly revelation; and on the other, representing the collective personality of Christianity, Jesus (Upon whom be peace) will kill the Dajjal, who represents the collective personality of irreligion; that is, he will kill atheistic thought.

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