Bediuzzaman Said Nursi: His Literary Aspect

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi: His Literary Aspect

Since early times, poets and writers, thinkers and scholars have been divided into two groups. Some of them regard as being important, only the style and expression meter and rhyme. They end up sacrificing meaning for expression. And this state shows itself most visibly in poetry.

As for the other group, by placing utmost value on meaning and content they refrain from compromising the substance for the prose.

With these brief and introductory words, I hope one can have a clearer picture of Bediuzzaman’s literary aspect. For Ustad did not spend his valuable and fruitful life ordering and arranging words that would go into the ears of people; rather, on the contrary, he was busy with instilling into generations and centuries the sacred ideals regarding the sense of religion, consciousness of iman, morality and virtue and embedding them into their heart, spirit, conscience and thoughts. A mujahid who has left behind his life and this world and everything in it just to realise this aim, will naturally stay away from busying himself with transient forms.

Nevertheless, in terms of his fine taste, sensitivity, depth of thought and imaginative power, Ustad may be said to have had an extraordinary literary talent and flair. And for this reason we find his style and expressions change according to the subject matter.

For example, while convincing the mind with logical and mathematical proofs when discussing scholarly and philosophical matters he will use succinct modifiers. But at times when he is captivating a heart or raising the spirit, his expressions possess an indescribable clarity.

When depicting the heavens, suns, stars, the moonlight and especially the time of spring, and the manifestation of Almighty Allah’s power and sublimity in those worlds, his style would acquire such subtlety that from that point on each metaphor becomes reminiscent of a picture frame shaded in the sweetest of colours, each description animating a world full of wonders.

It is due to this wisdom that through the study of the Risale‑i Nur, a Nur student – no matter which faculty at university he is in – finds complete contentment in their senses and minds, their spirit, conscience and imaginations.

And how could they not be satisfied? For the Risale‑i Nur Collection is a bouquet of roses gathered from the universal garden of the Noble Qur’an. Hence it has in it, the nur, air, light and scent of that blessed and divine garden.

Running waters tell of this spirit’s need

For all-time, the Qur’an is what humanity needs.


Source: Ali Ulvi Kurucu, Preface of “Bediuzzaman Said Nursi: The Authorised Biography”

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